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The Assemblage

When North American Properties needed commercial plumbing for a huge residential student housing building with special requirements, they turned to Dowdy.

The Assemblage


The Assemblage
715 West Gaines St., Tallahassee, Florida


When North American Properties needed commercial plumbing for a huge residential student housing building with special requirements, they turned to Dowdy.

The Assemblage is a 136,000 square foot student housing apartment building with student activity space. Dowdy was tasked to handle the full suite of plumbing needs from kitchens to baths, to special use areas, to water management for non-residential portions of the property.

North American Properties, one of America’s leading real estate development companies, hired Dowdy for this enormous task because only Dowdy has a work force large enough and well trained enough to tackle a project of this scale and complexity.


The Assemblage faced numerous difficulties in all phases of work that threatened to undermine timely completion. The weather never cooperated, which led to serious issues with soil and debris causing difficulties when starting out. These problems were compounded by a lack of electrical power on-site and changes to the design and layout of the building as construction was ongoing.

These problems were magnified by the rapid working pace necessitated to overcome delays caused by weather. The pace of work led to a crowded job site with contractors from across the U.S. vying for storage and space to work.


With experience overcoming weather delays, Dowdy put in extra time and effort to complete work whenever the weather permitted while maintaining rigorous standards of safety and quality. Dowdy also brought in their own generators to compensate for lack of on-site power availability. This allowed Dowdy to get a start on the first floors ahead of schedule.

The lack of space meant that there was no available on-site storage for materials. Dowdy coordinated daily deliveries based on expert planning to make sure that as much work as possible was done each day with the exact amount necessary being delivered.

Despite constant changes, Dowdy’s dedication to open communication kept all parties up to date using the PlanGrid Collaboration system between Dowdy, Field Operations, and NAP. Dowdy was able to keep up with the pace and scope of the project by leveraging its extensive manpower and working overtime to make sure students could move in prior to the start of classes. Though many involved with the project were certain weather delays and plan changes made on-time completion impossible, the plumbers were the first contractor to complete final inspections.


In the end, against all odds, students were able to move in on time without interruption. The Assemblage contains 340 full bathrooms, 78 full kitchens, and 78 mechanical rooms. The student activity center will have restrooms and breakrooms. This project also has PVC piping for the DWV and the domestic water is comprised of SCH 40 & SCH 80 CPVC pipe. Dowdy also installed domestic water and storm water piping in the parking garage which is adjacent to the building.


Few projects ever get completed without having to overcome some obstacles. The key to success isn’t in having a perfect project. It’s knowing what to do when things don’t go according to plan. Dowdy can overcome any challenge posed by nature or changing designs to keep your construction on schedule and on budget. With a proven track record of success in the most difficult conditions on the largest projects, Dowdy has the experience to help you succeed. What can Dowdy do for you?

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