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The Retreat at Mahan

When a prominent commercial real estate company wanted to avoid costly delays on their flagship project, Dowdy’s expert knowledge saved the day.
Retreat at Mahan

The Retreat at Mahan


The Retreat at Mahan
1475 Highland Drive, Tallahassee, FL


Pedrick Homes, one of Tallahassee’s most prominent real estate companies, trusted Dowdy to prepare the site for their new venture. The Retreat at Mahan is an 82-unit, single-family detached subdivision planned over 20 acres. This new neighborhood will boost economic development in Tallahassee by providing high quality family homes which will bring new business development with them.

Dowdy Works Hand-in-Hand with Government Agencies

The major challenges facing The Retreat at Mahan were county regulations that placed numerous special conditions on construction. The building permit required phased construction with 1000 LF of 42 inch to 60 inch pipe and the complete construction of a storm water runoff before the rest of the construction would be allowed to begin. Understandably, this worried everyone involved as delays could become extremely costly, forcing schedule changes and inefficiencies on all contractors involved with the project.


Dowdy used its expertise with water runoff issues to convince permitting to change its position. Dowdy explained that if they installed the outfall bypass system first while clearing and grading the initial set of lots, the pond wouldn’t need to be completed because when it rained the storm water would drain through the outfall piping Dowdy had already installed. Therefore, the rest of the work on the site could begin ahead of schedule without requiring the construction of the pond to be completed first.


Dowdy’s work with The Retreat at Mahan consisted of clearing and grubbing the 20 acre site of all trees, installation and maintenance of all erosion controls, excavation and grading of approximately 23,000 cubic yards of dirt, and installing 6,142 LF of storm drains ranging from 18’’ to 60’’ in diameter. This storm drain project included installation of 66 storm structures.

Each of the 82 homes within the subdivision has their own water and sewer service. The water system consists of 4,100 LF of 8’’ Water Main and 9 Fire Hydrants. The sewer system consists of 4,600 LF of 8’’ Gravity Sewer main including 24 sewer manholes. To complete the subdivision, Dowdy constructed a new 10,000 square yard asphalt roadway that consists of 8,000 LF of concrete curb and gutter along with 20,000 sqft of sidewalks.


Permitting rules and regulations are usually well-meaning. The goal is to keep people and property safe. Dowdy has the experience to keep your project on schedule by working with permitting oversight to ensure that goals are met without unnecessary burdens being placed on our clients. What can Dowdy do for you?

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